Overview of the Multi Modal Transport Reference Data Model used in the Transport and Logistics Domain and International movement of goods.

Reference Data Model

The Multi Modal Transport Reference Data Model (MMT RDM) is part of a wider family of reference data models, which enables re-use of data attributes to be inherited from the parent model (or library) and re-used for specific subsets which meet a domain or business requirement.
This enables UN/CEFACT to remain as a semantic hub and provide a common semantic anchor in the meaning of terms used across multiple business areas or domains.
MMT is part of a family of reference data models (RDM) under the family of 'International Supply Chain ' all of which inherit from the parent 'Buy/Ship/Pay RDM'.
The value of this is that terms used such as shipment or consignment are consistent in meaning between the Supply Chain View, Transport View and and Cross Border Management View, something that is important when trading across geographical borders for a common understanding.

Buy Ship Pay - Process Model

The below shows the relationships of processes linked under Buy, Ship and Pay for further understanding, MMT RDM fits in to the Transport Procedures section

MMT Classes

This section covers some of the core classes used in Industry for Transport Contract from the MMT RDM. You will need to understand these sections before considering how to put together a transport contract or other data set from MMT.
Start at the Exchanged Document class and read through the other classses from there.
We will then consider how to put together a transport contract or data set to begin modelling for a digital corridor of your own.